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      WuXi HuaSheng Precision Material Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000Taking up occupy space of 57000,floor space of 38000and $18 million investment, Is the earlier professional production of semiconductor components with stainless steel precision strip enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises. The company successfully passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO45001:2018 occupational health and Safety Management System, ITAF16949:2016 quality management system, 2.0 integrated management system 2A. The company has Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center (Gongxin) , provincial engineering technology research center (science and technology) , provincial engineering research center (development and Reform) three major R & D centers, the product won the Jiangsu Province specialty specialty new product title.
      WuXi Huasheng precision Material Co.,Ltd. is located at QianQiao Town in the west of WuXi City With the convenient transport and prosperous economy,all the mating resources here is also abundant.
     The company’s products are stainless steel thin strip, titanium strip and titanium foil, 70% of the special materials for electronic products, widely used in the manufacture of electronic components. Annual production of stainless steel 20,000 tons, titanium (foil)1000 tons. It can produce high precision strip with thickness of 0.02 mm or above, including ultra-thin, ultra-hard precision strip with various properties, different surface states and special requirements.



       Stainless steel products are mainly used in electronics, communications, automotive, medical, aerospace, textile and other industries, widely used in the production of electronic components, mobile phone parts, computer hard disk and plug-in, optical fiber cable and button batteries, injection needle tube, textile reed, Piston ring, cylinder gasket, fine welded pipe and other fields to replace imports of high-precision stainless steel special materials. Titanium products are mainly used in petrochemical, nuclear power, desalination, electrical, sports and Leisure, salt, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other fields.

      Company has imported  advantage line around world including ZR33-1 8   CRM650 20HI reversing cold rolled mill from America.UNGERER stretch—bend—Levelinq line frOm Germanv and continuous Briqht Annealinq furnaces with their whole auxiliary inspected equipment.Meanwhile,The most advantage process technics is designed to ensu re the high quality and precision of Stainless steel strip which supply to customers.
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