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Precision Stainless steel strip has high physical and chemical performance requi rement,the refore corrosion and deformation should be p revented when storing and transportation.
It is important to store p recision stainless steel strip away from moisture,dust,grease and lubricant in order to protect its surface from rust and lowered corrosion resistance when welding.It is strongly recommended to store stainless steel in a clean,dry and well ventilated place preferably in the original package with an additional cover.The finished product should be wrapped by paper with the wooden base to prevent deforming,---wooden cover and wooden box when necessary.When packing materials including inset paper get wet,they shouId be immediately removed to prevent suTrrface corrosion. 

The packing should be keep complete in orde r to prevent the strip damage.Meanwhile,the strip should befixed in order to prevent deform caused by collision.
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